Napoleon Tummy Tuck Update

An alert and concerned historian (Don from Ohio) followed up on a story published by The History Bluff that discussed the nose job and tummy tuck Napoleon Bonaparte underwent in 1796.

After some research the discovery was made that Napoleon was bothered by a chronic itch on his belly where the initial incision by Doctor Formio had been made. Plagued by the itch, Napoleon would be sent into fits of rage, throwing off his coat and vigorously scratching with both hands. His aides later attributed the loss at Waterloo directly to the itchy incision.

Napoleon Bonaparte scratching his incision.

When he was in front of the eyes of the public, Napoleon dealt with the itch in a way that only a truly great leader could. Calmly and with much distinction, Napoleon would tuck his hand into his coat and subtly scratch. His aides said they would often hear him say, “Ahh, much better.”


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