Feet: The Hands of Yesterday

Even today traces of the past can be seen, but like many diseases, the use of feet to pick up objects has all but been eradicated.

The use of feet as the primary way to manipulate objects began at the time of Creation. With no experience in the world, Adam began to use his feet to walk, eat, and move objects. When Eve came along, she followed Adam’s lead and quickly became adept at using her feet as Adam did.

As time passed, different civilizations began to use their hands while others continued the use of feet. The most evident use of feet is the low-quality of paintings early in the history of the world.

An early painting on a tomb, painted by the use of a foot.
An early painting, painted on a tomb with the use of a foot.

Early artists struggled to make a living because of their unattractive art, but the art community began to thrive when the use of hands became prevalent. While painting with feet died, some foot traditions have never died – the most notable being soccer, stomping grapes, and footsies.

The use of feet for eating and manipulating objects died a little after the 7th century, when the army from Constantinople wiped out Mesopotamia. Mesopotamian soldiers followed the tradition of other armies and fought with their feet, while Constantinople had trained their men to fight with their hands. The generals of Constantinople are regarded as the most innovative military leaders in world history because of the decision to have soldiers use their hands.

Today’s American society regards the primary use of feet as savage, but we all have to admit that no feeling in the world quite compares to picking up an object with our toes.


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  1. 1 Lisa Summers June 8, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    You are a hoot!

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