The Gold Rushers Who Never Made It

In 1848, the California Gold Rush began, setting off a nationwide frenzy. Coincidentally, in 1848 the Northwest Compass Company recalled the Prowler E281 Compass because of a printing error on the face of the compasses. The faces were printed incorrectly sending consumers east when they should have been going west.

Would-be rich men seconds away from cashing in on Carolina red clay.

While droves of trains, boats, wagons, and drifters headed west, the majority of Midwesterners headed unknowingly to the East Coast. Shocked by how advanced and populated “California” had become, many of the prospectors sent back for their relatives to join them because of the luxury that was to be had.

In later years, some prospectors would reflect back on the gold rush. They fondly remembered the energy, the frenzy, the magic that surrounded those days. Many of them (all had Prowler E281) claimed that the gold rush turned the world around so much that the sun began to rise in the west and set in the east.


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