The Red Baron Update

In response to a previous story, curious historian D. Boone inquired about how Manfred von Richthofen was given his own pizza brand – Red Baron pizza.

In 1915, Richthofen was assigned to the flying service by his request. Throughout his career, Richthofen would often wake up minutes before he was to take flight – too late for a pre-flight meal.

Engineers eventually fastened an aluminum plate to the plane, just inches above the engine to create a cooking surface. The cooks at the airfield prepared pizzas and froze them for him. When Richthofen woke up, he would dress, grab a frozen pizza, and then rush out to his plane.

Once he was at the plane, Richthofen would place the frozen pizza on the aluminum plate and take off for his mission. Four and a half minutes later, Richthofen would enjoy a crisp supreme pizza.

Although Richthofen enjoyed the supreme pizza, it was Meat-Trio that was his favorite.

During the 1970s, the Schwan Food Company learned of Richthofen’s routine and became enamored with the story. They began selling pizza to schools under the name of Red Baron pizza.


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