The History Bluff Accepts Prestigious Award

As published in the Boston News Flash:

(GREENVILLE, South Carolina) — The History Bluff lead writer Dave Newell was awarded the 2008 Order of The Coolest Multi-Layered Lampoon Line in History for work that reflected what CMLLLH judges called “a penetrating and revealing narration of history.”

It is the 1st time The History Bluff has won the CMLLLH, which is considered the most prestigious award in the history tabloid industry. The award is sponsored by Powerful Peace, an organization dedicated to surmounting political differences. Notification of the award appeared in the comments section under a blog entry.

Newell, 23, won for a line in his piece called The Game of Tag and the Death of Julius Caesar. The line that stuck out to judges was the unforgettable translation of Caesar’s last words: “Brutus, you’re It.” Newell was beaming when he received the award but also acknowledged the help of others.

“So many of you out there make me proud to be here,” Newell told his fellow staffers. “This prize goes to all of us – all of us who are The History Bluff.”


1 Response to “The History Bluff Accepts Prestigious Award”

  1. 1 Powerful Peace September 5, 2008 at 12:14 am

    This post is awesomer than the one I awarded the award for! I’m pleased to report that I peed myself again.

    So – now what? Do I have to retract the award so I can re-award it?

    No, hang on – I’ll petition for a higher award authority. Please stand by; this will go through the government administrative process in record time…I should be able to award it in 30-40 years.

    In the meantime, go look at:

    You’ll feel like you got an award, too!

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