Napoleon’s Death by Tummy Tuck

In what has now become a ground-breaking series on Napoleon’s tummy tuck and nosejob, we at The History Bluff will now shed light on how Napoleon’s tummy tuck surgery affected the stomach cancer that ended the life of this great leader.

A proud Napoleon just two years before his stomach cancer.

It is common knowledge that Napoleon underwent an abdominoplasty in 1796, which was performed by Dr. Pau Formio. The surgery was the first of its kind and was crudely performed compared to today’s standards. To make matters worse, Napoleon never allowed the scar to heal. He incessantly scratched at it, which, is of course, an action immortalized by the famous pose of his hand tucked into his coat.

Although sick and bitter, Napoleon continued to scratch his infected incision.

In 1821 – slightly over twenty years after the surgery – Napoleon developed an infection in his stomach. The infection, known today as helicobacter pylori, is directly linked to the development of stomach cancer and gastric ulcers. Not only was Napoleon fighting the cancer, but he was also fighting the chronic infection from his abdominiplasty which was by this time almost as lethal as the cancer itself. Napoleon died on May 5, 1821.

Part One: Napoleon and the First Celebrity Nosejob and Tummy Tuck

Part Two: Napoleon Tummy Tuck Update


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