Civil War Mailbag

The History Bluff Mailbag has been stuffed as full as Howard Taft’s three-piece suit so we feel it necessary to answer your questions and comments in this post.

The first question comes from Kurt of Jackson City, TN who apparently never heard of General Cuetip and argues that the account is false. He said, “The Q-Tip (or cuetip) was called just that because of the pool cue. Notice the resemblance.” After a little research it’s quite impossible to use a pool cue for this purpose. Whose jumbo ears do you think I have? President Zachary Taylor’s?

Moving on we come to an interesting piece of email from Luke of Brevard, NC who asks, “Since the Sanderson boys were conjoined, how did they arrive at the battle?” Both Malachi and Joshua received their orders just days before the battle while they were still at home since the war had only begun. Records do not show how they arrived at the battlefield, but it is safe to assume that they either walked or took one of the family’s wagons.

Allen from Atkinson, Nebraska said, “…saying ‘Siamese twins’ is politically incorrect and may be offensive. The term shouldn’t be used much. You didn’t use it in the story, but it is in the title of the story.” Thanks, Allen for that message. We’ll keep that in mind in our next story about Siamese Twins.

Our final messages comes from Ahmad from Malaysia “You’re a funny site.” Thanks very much Ahmad, but we do not consider ourselves to be just a site. We’re a valuable resource on everything history. We still have much to write about, but if you have questions we have answers.

That is going to do it for this post. Remember, if you have comments or questions you can either leave them in a comment box on a post or email


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