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Pool of Bethesda and the Red Sea Scrolls

The Bible mentions in John 5:4 the pool of Bethesda where the sick and dying would gather and wait for an angel to come down and trouble the waters. The first person into the waters would then be healed.

bethesdaJesus healing the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.

In May of 1967, sixty-one manuscripts dating back to Bible times were found near the Red Sea, hence the name the Red Sea Scrolls. These manuscripts and letters shed light on some of the events surrounding the pool of Bethesda. Below is an excerpt from one of the letters.

“A woman by the name of Eunice passed by the pool in the heat of the day, and she was fair to look upon.

Astonished by her beauty, a young man fell into the pool and troubled the waters. The people round about the pool believed that it was the angel of the Lord who had stirred the waters. The servants cast their lame, deaf, and blind masters into the pool to be healed.

The young man then stood in the pool and declared that it was he who had troubled the waters and not the angel of the Lord. Stricken, the servants mourned for their masters who had drowned.”